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PERFO Interlocking PE/PP Tiles for Ground Reinforcement
Main Advantages
  • durable, all weather surface, acts as ideal grass reinforcement
  • secure interlocking PERFO tiles prevent standing edges
  • PERFO has a textured surface for safe grip
  • resistant to most aggressive substances, PERFO tiles do not rot
  • grass grows back through the PERFO, preserving the character of the environment
  • tiles allow water to pass through them. Natural drainage maintained
  • no splintering or risk of injury
  • PERFO can withstand loads of at least 60 t/m² (PERFO-SD) / 100 t/m² (PERFO-AK)
  • planning permission not required for most applications
  • no special tooling or skills required for PERFO installation
  • easy to install yourself in a very short time
  • PERFO tiles can usually be rolled into unprepared soft grass surface *
  • PERFO can be removed later, if required
  • low cost of PERFO when compared to alternative options
  • PERFO normally requires no excavation, unlike most other grass reinforcement products
* in extremely wet or muddy conditions or on uneven areas some ground preparation may be required

PERFO provides a stable,
durable surface
Grass grows back through PERFO
tiles, maintaining character
of the
Simple 3-step PERFO installation possible in most cases
1. Lay out tiles in position
2. Clip them together
3. Roll them in
(a rammer can also be used)
PERFO is easy to lay, without special tools or skills
Download PERFO installation guidelines here
Various Views

<4 + 1 tiles

4+1 underside

4+1 close-up


Interlocking 2

Join (underside)

PERFO applications are often unique, such as where grass needs to be maintained for aesthetic,
environmental or planning reasons. PERFO tiles are also used extensively for projects where the
cost and time of installing concrete or tarmac is simply not a viable option.

PERFO installations, either directly in grass or in gravel are also an economical alternative to conventional concrete and tarmac.    A typical PERFO project is a fraction of the cost of a similar concrete or tarmac project especially when the total cost including excavation and installation is taken into consideration.

Please contact us with details of your application, the quantity required and delivery location (with post code) and we will be pleased to provide a specific quotation with current pricing for the appropriate product, including delivery costs.
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Sustainable Urban Drainage


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